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The Hope was Always There

The Hope Was Always There

Every fight for life is never easy. There comes a situation where the thing you want to hear, things you want to see, and the things you desire, will never happen. However, you should never lose hope.

Every living being, with hope, will always look at the pleasure and lessons that come along every situation. Never lose hope, because nothing in life will remain the same. Every dark night brings with it the hope for a brighter morning.

Hope gives you the power to fight back, to stand strong with broken legs, to dance to the beats of the shattered heart and the faith to live again with the crushed soul.

So here is a small poem written by me, trying to describe the state of every living being facing a hard time in life, no matter what but never gave up, because the hope was always there.
The Hope was Always There
Written by Punit Kaur


Once and for all the doors were shut,
I helped him lock them all.


I thought I was safe in his cocoon,
And darkness would vanish all.


Deep inside I did not see,
Loving hands with a hidden knife.


It stabbed me not all at once,
But pulled and teased in bits and pieces.


My soul kept smiling, “it’s your duty” she said,
Let the pain no longer be felt.


Deep within my heart did not believe,
It wanted to run with what was left.


But stopped and cried so hollow inside,
The hope was always there.
-Punit Kaur


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