Raw Brownies For a Stronger Heart & Digestive System

One of my all time favorite dessert recipes. They can taste as rich and chocolaty as you like, but they are actually healthy and beneficial for your body. One major benefit that I take notice to is the relief it can give your digestive track. Nobody likes not being able to go, and it’s not […]

How to Love a Toxic Person?

Why would we continue to love someone who is toxic to us? They may do things that are harmful to us emotionally or maybe physically, however, they remain a sentient being. Once you have identified a toxic person in your life the next step is handling it. Keeping in mind that they feel emotions too. […]

Life’s Unsolicited Challenges – Guest Blogger Rjjthinks

I am not an expert, and like you I am on the journey of life. I have my obstacles, but I can give you my two cents. A strategy which I have learned is to keep going. Remember, life is a gift given to you by this universe and things aren’t meant to be easy. […]