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Life’s Unsolicited Challenges – Guest Blogger Rjjthinks

I am not an expert, and like you I am on the journey of life. I have my obstacles, but I can give you my two cents.

A strategy which I have learned is to keep going.

Remember, life is a gift given to you by this universe and things aren’t meant to be easy. It’s actually doing you a favor and wants you to succeed. You were selected to be here. You deserve to be here. If life didn’t test you and force you to be stronger; we would both be a blob of jelly on the ground. We have to go through challenges and resistance in life. If we don’t, we will never find the missing pieces of us which make us strong and unique.

Perspective is key. You need to accept the challenges gifted to you by the universe. We all have an unlimited amount of self potential which we do not always see. Because we are told to do this or that. To think this or that. But that infinite potential is sitting there; waiting to be realized. It’s easy to see the cup as half empty. But switch it around. See it as half full. Work is required to fill it up. You are in control of that work. You.

I’ll try to keep this short but ask yourself this: What is it that you want to do? What is that dream you have always had? What’s in your bucket list? Then ask yourself what it would take for you to get it?! Work right? So leave that stuff you can’t control to the spaces around you. You are in control. A billion things are happening around you at any one moment, but in reality you decide what you focus on.

So if you are being affected by something around you, it is because you are putting attention on it. Couldn’t you easily change your focus to something else? It’s pretty easy. You have to be selfish sometimes. Whatever it is around you that is bugging you, don’t give it meaning. That’s when you have to push your maximum focus on where you are going and keep reminding your self of. I believe that everyone is being tested. All day. All the time.

Some of us have bigger challenges. But that’s because the universe sees a bigger potential in you which you aren’t seeing. The only way you can realize this is to get through this. Moment by moment. Hour by hour. Day by day. You’ll surprise yourself what you can create in yourself if you give yourself the chance. Silence the noise around you. Shift your focus and step forward.


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