A Storm of Mental Strength

For those of us who have to fight through storms that nobody else can see.   The storm is very real. It shows no mercy.  You may not think you don’t stand a chance, but keep holding on. There’s more to life than the storm leads you to believe. Learn from the fights you endure […]

The Hope was Always There

The Hope Was Always There Every fight for life is never easy. There comes a situation where the thing you want to hear, things you want to see, and the things you desire, will never happen. However, you should never lose hope. Every living being, with hope, will always look at the pleasure and lessons […]

Life’s Unsolicited Challenges – Guest Blogger Rjjthinks

I am not an expert, and like you I am on the journey of life. I have my obstacles, but I can give you my two cents. A strategy which I have learned is to keep going. Remember, life is a gift given to you by this universe and things aren’t meant to be easy. […]