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A Storm of Mental Strength

For those of us who have to fight through storms that nobody else can see.


The storm is very real. It shows no mercy. 

You may not think you don’t stand a chance, but keep holding on. There’s more to life than the storm leads you to believe. Learn from the fights you endure during the storm. You will gain strength and become stronger. Even if you think you can’t do it, you already have. You might think, why should you bother trying? Because nobody deserves to be abused. You should be angry that something has the guts to think it can get away with treating you like this.


You fight very real battles. You are a warrior. 

Some days are harder than others. If you aren’t strong enough, the storm will take over. You must learn to protect yourself. There’s no telling when the storm will be back or how long it will last. However, you will know when it has arrived. You may feel like you’re broken, weak, confused, exhausted. Don’t stop fighting. Don’t stop resisting. When the storm finally gives up, because it will, you will gain clarity. It can be scary; you might need to close your eyes through the storm. You have to do whatever it takes to not let the storm take you; mentally and physically.

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