The Honest Whisper is a community based site that is passionate about animal rights. We offer a personal blog, reading list, non-profit shop, and vegan look book. Encouraging speaking up for, or generating more awareness, for those who are typically unheard or marginalized by society. Our blog and shop inspiration promotes animal rights activism, food, health, science, compassion. We also donate 100% of all our profit made through the sale of our Zazzle shop merchandise to helping save, care for, and liberate animals within our community. Believing that promoting, funding, and dedicating time will help continue to create the peaceful change we want to see in the world.



Nobody is silent. Many are not heard. Change this.



Our Logo


Our “Dandi Lion” logo combines dandelions & a lion. The dandelions represent the growth and spread of change. Particularly, when the seeds are blown off the plant and into their surrounding environment. The lion symbolizes courage and instinct to protect what you love. Overall, it symbolizes speaking up (roaring) for what is right (love).




Our Goals


To inspire, fundraise, volunteer, support, and promote a vegan lifestyle using honesty and courage as our foundation. We pledge to donate all of our profit towards animal liberation efforts and vegan activism; supporting these efforts is our top priority. Some of these efforts include animal sanctuaries, protests, and activist groups (such as direct action everywhere, the save movement, sea shepherd, peta, and nation rising). What makes us unique is that our founder, Lucy, is a fellow vegan activist within the community. All work that she, or members of the community, contribute is volunteered or donated. We aim to lift up our community members and support their contributions by featuring their (vegan) photography, videography, modelling, art, and more!